Technology Consulting

E-Commerce Technology Consulting

When planning data-driven e-commerce models, we always make sure to combine best-of-breed software components into a long-lasting and scalable overall architecture. Our technological advice is based on the composable commerce approach by the MACH principle: Microservices, APIs, Cloud, Headless. The focus is always on an architecture that is as durable and scalable as possible. Our services include:


Identification of weak points and potentials of existing e-commerce architectures.


Creation of requirement documents, search and evaluation of new system components.


Ready-to-program conception of individual software products and interfaces of all kinds.

In line with the MACH principles, we first orchestrate the overall architecture according to meaningful data streams, then evaluate the individual components and finally connect them with microservices and apis. The following systems are part of our repertoire:


Customized standard or headless shop systems as the core of digital success.


Appealing and usability-optimized front ends ensure high conversion rates.


Central planning of company resources such as article stocks or liquidity.


Control of personalized content that is distributed across all touchpoints within blogs or landingpages.


Further processing of orders, shipment and invoicing as downstream processes.


Connection of single payment service providers or providers who aggregate several payment methods.


Target group-oriented evaluation and planning of sales, customer mailings and advertising campaigns.

Analytics & BI

Insights and reporting of all e-commerce activities in powerful analysis tools.


Connection to accounting systems according to gob (principles of proper accounting).


Central data storage of all relevant product information and media (dam, mam).

Data Warehouse

Storage and further processing of all company-relevant data. replaces smaller subsystems.

3P Connections

Third-party connections to marketplaces, logistics service providers or marketing channels.